The environmental champion of London, Mr Boris Johnson has called for the introduction of a diesel car scrappage scheme in order to improve London air quality.

The move comes as councils across the country face hefty fines from the EU relating to missed pollution targets.

This recent announcement goes in line with other plans that could see diesel drivers in London facing an additional £10 fee for entering the congestion zone. Both policies are a big step towards the pricing out of many motorists in our capital, helping to reduce congestion and also harmful emissions just as nitrogen dioxide.

The move to reduce the number of diesel fuelled cars comes as quite a shock to many motorists who have been sold the benefits of diesel car ownership by the goevernment. This latest news is seen my many of a complete U turn of government policy with industry leaders also predicting an end to reduced road tax for “low emission” diesel vehicles as fully electric cars and petrol hybrids continue to increase in market share and reduce in price.

In an interview Boris said, “I feel very sorry for them, this has been a massive failure of public policy, millions of people were told they were doing the right thing, the clean thing, the environmentally friendly thing, by buying a diesel. They now feel very hacked off now they’re told they are more polluting.”

These plans are yet to be set in stone but we’ll be sure to keep you all abreast these plans as they develop.