Electric cars are the way of the future because they’re often more environmentally friendly than their gas-powered counterparts. However, in the past, purchasing a green/electric car was challenging for most consumers due to the price of the car itself, and the difficulty of finding charging stations – especially in rural communities. This is now changing with the advent of Nissan, Chevrolet, and Tesla become widespread and more affordable. To learn about how to buy your first green car, read on.

Range Numbers

Even with electric cars becoming more affordable, there still remains the issue of charging stations and the range. The range of every electric vehicle is different, with the newer models able to hold a better charge over a long period of time, but the daily driver may have an issue making to a charging station before the car breaks down. Consider if there are enough charging stations in your area and if you can use them frequently to avoid undercharged vehicles.

Unique Costs

Unlike gas or diesel vehicles, there are unique costs associated with green cars. It’s already well-known that buying an electric car is more expensive up front, with many thinking charging your vehicle is free because you’re no longer buying gas. However, your electricity bill will rise if you’re charging at your home, but it’s still less than buying gas. 

You also need to consider creating a charging set up in your home, because a typical outlet won’t charge your car fast enough for daily use. Will you need to upgrade your garage to implement a more expensive, faster-charging station? If you like to drive on road trips, will you need to rent a gas car for the trip? 

Depending on what you need this car for, the price of it could skyrocket. If you’re mostly a city driver, you will likely save more in the long run unless you have unique driving habits, like frequent road trips.

Private Number Plates

Green private number plates are another draw to buying an electric car because it’s possible to get tax benefits as well as bragging rights from these plates. Online retailers and auction houses like Absolute Reg, allow you to buy green plates with customised numbers and letters to add more personality to your new car. Green plates may also encourage others to invest in an electric car because you can only legally put them on your vehicle if your car is certified green by your state or country.


Although most electric cars have been on the market for years, it’s still a new technology. To give newer adopters the peace of mind, most agencies will offer warranties unique to your green vehicle. The warranties on the batteries for the Chevy Bolt, for example, have an 8-year/100,000 warranty which far exceeds ones you’ll get from purchasing a gas or diesel car. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about the cost of the battery, or buying a new one.