For many holiday makers, having the freedom that comes with hiring a car is the best way to take in the very most of what your host country has to offer. You can get off the tourist trail and discover many fantastic locations and attractions  that would be otherwise left out of an ordinary travellers experience. 

Shopping around for the best price for your holiday goes without saying, but do you think about choosing the right car hire provider and vehicle for your stay?

If you are an avid hypermiler like me, it’s a must that I choose the right car for for my holiday destination and the most efficient car that’s available. Here are our top tips for getting the best ride for your next “hypermiling” holiday.

  • Choose the right car for the location. Choosing a hummer for the narrow streets of Italy is a sure fire way of causing you and your fellow motorists hassle and hold-ups. Opt for something in keeping with the local road and traffic conditions.
  • Shop about. Google is your friend, research your location to get quote from as many local companies as you can. Always remember to get prices from your travel agent as they many have access to discounts that are not available to the likes of you and me.
  • Haggle. If like you me, you love a bargain then don’t accept the first offer or even the “discounted” price from the car rental site. Speak to the company directly on the phone and see if you can get some discount, you could save a packet just by being cheeky.
  • Chose the right model. Do your research on the rental cars available from each supplier. You might make a saving on the rental fees, however if you plan to travel long distances on your stay, opting for a Toyota Prius over a Toyota Hilux could save you a fortune in fuel and help offset the rental fees. 

There are an increasing number of “green” car rental sites popping up across the globe that offer a fuel efficient alternative to the usual array of hire cars normally available. They offer cars that aren’t usually stocked by most rental companies that could save you money at the pumps even when you are busy getting  a tan and enjoying the local cuisine.