Stanlow fuel protest & go slow, what you need to know [UPDATED]

Stanlow Fuel protestWith only 2 days until the Stanlow go-slow and fuel protest, we at have compiled some “need to know” facts about the Sunday’s event.

Where is it?

Previous Stanlow protests have centered on blocking the roads around the fuel refinery in order to cause as must disruption to tanker movements as possible. This time round, a go-slow is planned in order to cause traffic chaos on the A55 & M62 as the protestors head to blockade the refinery.

Meeting points are: Llandudno (LL30 1RY) at 12:30PM passing the Rhyl Junction at 1PM. A secondary convoy from Manchester is meeting at Birch Services (OL10 2HQ Westbound) leaving at 1PM.

The go-slow

The organisers have been in contact with the police regarding the go-slow and “offically” the convoy will be travelling at a maxiumum speed of 30MPG in the left hand lane only.

Unofficial reports suggest that protesters plan to use both lanes, we would suggest avoiding any of the routes used if you are not joining the protest.

The Stanlow Refinery Blockade:

Early reports simply suggested that as per previous protests, it would be a one night affair. We can now confirm that the blockade is set to last 8 days in order to cause maximum distruption to tanker movements.

Who is attending?

Previous events have been low in numbers compared to the expected attendance on Sunday. Estimates range from between 1000 and 5000 people. Numerous organisations and motoring groups from around the UK are planning to join the protest.

Whats the point?

The Stanlow fuel protest and Direct Action groups are fighting for one goal, lower fuel prices. In an interview to a local paper, Kevin Bowker said that they are planning a peaceful and responsible protest. “Rising fuel costs are a real problem for everyone, not just drivers. The price of food is going up because it is more expensive to transport it and small businesses are being forced to close down because they can’t afford to run their vehicles”

By blocking tankers from leaving Stanlow Fuel refinery, they hope that the government will take notices and do something about soaring fuel prices. The organisers are also urging motorists to fill up before the event as the blockade may cause fuel shortages at some filling stations.

For more information please see the Stanlow Fuel protest Facebook page


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22 comments on “Stanlow fuel protest & go slow, what you need to know [UPDATED]
  1. bill says:

    do’s the goverment get more tax, as the price of fuel go,s up. some people have all the luck. damm and blast

  2. Frank says:

    As much as im all for trying to get the price of fuel down what good have these blockades ever done for us, absolutely nothing because we’ll never be listened to, it goes without saying the government and the oil refineries know that we need it so they can charge what they want.

  3. anonymous says:

    blockading the tankers from leaving the depots is effectively secondary picketing and is illegal. I hope the police arrest you all..

  4. This type of action has never worked and never will. The reason why it does not work, is it does not change how much revenue the Gov gets. The ONLY way to effect change is to disrupt the political process.
    You were promised a “Fuel Stabiliser” and sent off on your way. Still waiting?

    IF you want to get into their face and make them pay attention swamp their inboxes, twitter accounts and facebook pages with this. (Twitter example below)

    @Your local MP’s Name @nick_clegg @number10gov I have just filled up with £XX of fuel. This is my protest at #FuelDuty2High

    You are allowed to contact your local MP and express your opinion, Think of how often someone in your local MP’s area fills up each day. If we all start to do this their email, twitter and facebook will be flooded and make their every day jobs harder. Just like our life gets harder with each 1p on a litre of fuel. My original blog is below.

    Stop sitting on our arse and get our politicians listening.

  5. SAM says:

    all the people on here seem to have a lot to say for themselves about blocking tankers is not the way forward, that might be true, BUT AT LEAST THERE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. the british public moans and moans but never want to do anything about it,

  6. alec hunter says:

    i think that the longer we can block the tankers it will make the goverment sit up and take a look.
    we pay the highest fuel prices in the eu why do we have to suffer i will be there to express the issue i say do it till the price of fuel gets under control.

  7. Mike Taylor says:

    Good luck to the protesters. This really needs to be organised to hit London from all directions. The Capital needs to be brought to a standstill for at least 2-3 days for it to have an impact. Just watch out for the ‘Stasi Boys in Black’ – The Police

  8. Good on you all! Interesting that Sky news featured the protest in the news this morning but no mention on the BBC radio 2 news. Controlled media or what?

  9. cazzie says:

    These protests n strikes happen in France all the time an they always get Wat they want……. bout time we got Wat we want….. after all its only hitting the people who can’t afford it anyway the ones who can’t claim back for their jobs, ones who struggle to find jobs an when they do have to pay out so much of their poxy wages to do their job…. ending up worse off then mates who don’t work an r kept!
    Rant ova …… good luck guys if I wasn’t workin id be rite with yas xx

  10. Russell Cohen says:

    We’re missing a major achievable aim here. Demand the oil companies equalise the petrol and diesel prices at the pump, there is no reason for it, and the oil companies can not provide one. I’ve just come back from the Far East where there is a similar differential, but the opposite way – diesel is cheaper…

  11. Stephen Penketh says:

    I respect the effort that everyone is putting into these protests, as a young working man who’s job has essential driving (due to being called out for emergency medical conditions). It would not be long before I would have to give my job up, which I love. Thank you and all the best in your effort (I better go fill up now haha). RESPECT

  12. mr smith says:

    cock heads

  13. Blame the Banks for Everything says:

    Good luck with the protest, we need to blockade all the refineries, i am sure there are plenty of people out there who can have a bit of car trouble outside these places over the next week or so.

    I am pretty sure that very soon we will see that the police are not there to protect us and our rights to peacefully demonstrate at all. UK Democracy is an illusion, don’t believe it? ask yourself what changes when a new government is voted in buy the media manipulated comman man/woman…..NOTHING.

    However, the government would not need to raise taxes through petrol if it was not for the banks making huge profits out of individuals and industry, they are the real problem to our direct and maddening indirect tax system(recent governments do not have the balls to touch the base rate of income tax as it is too headliney).

    destroy the banks, don’t allow them to create money out of thin air, put your money in mutuals/community banks, let them fail.

    keywords to research online: fractional reserve banking, money as debt.

  14. john says:

    WE all need to bring westminster to a stand still for at least a month so that these fat cats will listen ITS the only way.

  15. albert jones says:

    blockade the gates at stnlow i was one of first on the lines at stanlow along with the farmers back in late 1990 s and we stuck it out with sacrifices but got listened to more i a bit old now at 70 years old and in bad health and a sick wife in hospital otherwise i would be there again so come on you young ones give us your support now thanks

  16. david lee says:

    power to the people lets start the fightback, although many have said they would have joined the protest but did not know it was on? the bankers or wankers have caused the problems we have why should we pay? as we are already paying too much tax on fuel.

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