According to a report compiled by the friends of the earth, two thirds of all journeys are less than 5 miles and a whopping 85 percent of all commuter travel is single occupancy. It makes you wonder if dragging 2 tonnes of car and 4 spare seats is really cost effective in the days of record fuel prices and the recession. If like me, you have been thinking long and hard about this then maybe its time to swap the “daily” for a motorbike.

Donning the helmet and leathers really could save you a fortune. Many of today’s modern scooters are capable of well over 150MPG with road tax for a 125cc bike being only £16 a year. The benefits of biking don’t stop there. Traffic jams and traffic congestion can become a thing of the past as you filter between the lines of stationary traffic, saving you both time and wasteful idling. Motorbikes also benefit from cheap or even free parking together with reduced running costs. Insurance is also much cheaper on two wheels, websites such as offer some amazing deals for both seasoned and new riders looking to save money.

Many of the Hypermiling techniques can be utilised when riding a motorbike and will help you further stretch the savings. Like in a car, aerodynamics can play a large part in maximising the fuel economy. To aid smooth airflow try and choose a bike with a full fairing together with the right choice of protective gear. Ill fitting jackets flapping the air can cause excess drag, also make sure to remove any disused pannier bags.

Obviously there are inherent safety issues with choosing a bike. You do not have the level of protection from other drivers or UK’s unpredictable weather when straddled your 2 wheeler. Just liker with Hypermiling its vital to adapt your riding and driving style to the road and traffic conditions ahead.

In my household, I think to think my wife lets me wear the trousers occasionally but if there’s one thing shes against its me getting a motorbike. We read all too often the plight of motorcyclists in Lincolnshire that have been severely hurt or even killed on our roads, something that might have been avoided with the protection that a car provides.

It might me more dangerous but l it could save you a fortune in fuel bills and cut precious time off the daily commute. I’m still working on her in doors, maybe when the kids have left home I’ll have two wheels parked in the garage.