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UK Advertising Standards Agency bans advert for DPF removal by Bristol based Avon Tuning

The UK ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) has banned an advert by a Bristol based garage Avon Tuning advertising misleading (and illegal) DPF removal services.  The advert as seen on the Avon Tuning website claims that their DPF removal service is

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Advertising Standards Authority takes issue with Audi’s MPG claims

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered Audi-maker Volkswagen change the way they advertise fuel consumption figures to show that MPG figures might not match the results of “real” driving by its customers. The damning slap down of the VW group’s

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Viabtor “fuel saving” device gets it wrists slapped by the ASA

Meet the Viabtor… read it again, it’s not another word for an adult’s play thing, yet I feel the adults version maybe more useful for improving your consumption. The completely unfounded adverting on its website claimed that the “electronic voltage

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