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Auto Express Hypermiler MPG IOS (Apple) app review

We are pleased to announce that the guys over at Auto Express have compiled a review on all the best driving apps available for your smart phones and iMedia players. Our little MPG Calculator app for IOS has been lucky

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Honda develops technology which aims to prevent traffic jams before they start

Honda has announced the successful development of the world’s first technology to detect and prevent traffic congestion. The system constantly monitors the vehicles and is able to determine whether the motorists driving pattern is likely to create traffic jams. The technology recognises

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Viabtor “fuel saving” device gets it wrists slapped by the ASA

Meet the Viabtor… read it again, it’s not another word for an adult’s play thing, yet I feel the adults version maybe more useful for improving your consumption. The completely unfounded adverting on its website claimed that the “electronic voltage

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