ViabtorMeet the Viabtor… read it again, it’s not another word for an adult’s play thing, yet I feel the adults version maybe more useful for improving your consumption.

The completely unfounded adverting on its website claimed that the “electronic voltage stabilising” device can save you up to 10% on your fuel bill by simply inserting the dongle to your cigarette lighter (you can’t make this ?’#$ up!).

The ASA has hit back at the manufacturers claims saying they “had not seen sufficient robust documentary evidence to support the fuel and money saving claims made in the ad”, they go on to chastise similar environmental benefits that that been advertised. With both complains against their adverting claims upheld, we very much doubt that they will be able to offer any “robust” proof that this utterly useless device can do anything than relieve you on money instead of save you it.

Whats next?! Fuel saving magnets… oh wait! In all seriousness, if you spot any more “misleading” fuel saving devices then please get in touch or reply in the comments.

Read up on the ASA’s website for this and more misleading advertising.