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Start / Stop Tech coming en masse to America in 2017

In the rest of the civilized world,  start / stop technology has become common place in new cars. Figures show that a whopping 40% of all new cars in Europe and Japan have the technology, however over the pond they have been a

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US proposes new fuel efficiency standards: 54.5 MPG by 2025

With fuel prices over the US only a fraction on what we motorists mugs pay here in the UK, 54.5 MPG will seem like an huge inconvenience achievement. Especially when you consider the average MPG of US cars brought in

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The US hearts diesels: 2011 derv sales up 38.5%

Unlike the UK, the take up of diesel cars in the US has historically been rather lethargic. Spurred on by rocketing fuel prices, US motorists are abandoning petrol cars in droves as they look for more efficient rides. Sales of

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