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GM’s Dynamic Skip Fire technology could see 15% mpg improvement [with Video]

Cylinder deactivation has been around in one form or another for many a year. Back in ’81 GM’s Cadillac L62 V8-6-4 was one of the first engines of its type to enter production. Fast forward to present day and the technology

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VW Passat BlueMotion Concept teases cylinder deactivation to the US market

Cylinder deactivation has been around for a while. After its initial experiments during WWII, Cadillac was the first to introduce the technology in its L62 engine [1]. Since then the technology has been widely used but has been much more

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2013 Lamborghini Aventador to add fuel saving technology… hypermiling optional

For those children of the 80’s, Lamborghini will bring back memories of Countach posters and Cannonball Run on VHS. This was before we cared about CO2 and emissions targets were unheard of. With the EU breathing down the necks of all car

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