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Brake survey confirms speeding and tailgating rife on UK roads

Another week and yet other shock survey confirming what the majority of UK motorists already know… people drive too fast and too close. The survey by the road safety charity Brake revealed that from 1000 drivers surveyed, 57 percent admit to risky

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Hypermiling Nirvana: Treat every drop like its your last

We’ve all been there. Fuel light shining brightly on the dash and possibily not enough fuel in the tank to prevent an embarrassing break down.  Your first instinct is to do everything that a seasoned Hypermiler would do on a daily basis, but without

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #6: Drafting

Drafting has been used in motor sport since it first began. The aerodynamic advantages of allowing the driver in front to cut you a path through the air is a commonly used technique used to aid over taking. In the

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Drafting.. 93MPG over 15 miles

On my way back from a job yesterday, I decided to settle in behind a lorry to enjoy a little bit of drafting. Its been a while since I have had the opportunity to venture into a slipstream, country roads

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