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UK motorists running on “fumes” as fuel prices increase

New research from Green Flag has revealed that over 4.6 million (13 per cent) of UK motorists have found themselves driving on empty in the last three months. Green Flag has coined these drivers ‘Vapour trailers,’ motorists that risk running out of

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One in five motorists abandon 4 wheels as running costs soar

A survey by the very nice men breakdown service Green Flag has revialed that soaring running costs have forced a whopping 14 percent of UK motorists to abandon their cars with a further 7 percent opting for for two wheels over four. Fuel

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Greenflag reports 40% increase in calls over running out of fuel

The breakdown service Green Flag has reported a 40% increase in the number of call-outs due to lack of fuel in the second half of January, compared with the same period in December 2010. They also report that more than

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