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Small cars worst at meeting official MPG figures

A report by the kind folks at has revealed that small cars have shown the greatest shortfall against manufactures official MPG figures. The report which studied more than 60,000 cars compared “real world” driving figures against those claimed by manufacturers.

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Misleading manufacturers MPG figures are costing UK drivers up to £4.45 billion in fuel

A report by the “consumer champion” Honest John has revealed that UK drivers are footing the bill to the tune of £4.45 billion a year in fuel as they struggle to meet manufacturers “overstated” official MPG figures. The report is based on more than 32,000

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1 in 5 “new” cars fail their first MOT, time for a change to the rules?

Analysis of 24.5 million MoT records obtained by “honest john” has shown that 1 in 5 cars fail their first MOT, with French cars leading the field as the worst offenders. As you know, when cars reach the ripe old age of

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