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Tesla sues Top Gear UK

Fans of the BBC’s hit motoring show Top Gear will remember Top Gears review of Tesla’s flagship EV, the Tesla Roadster. The feature was cut short and the car was pushed into a the garage after a measly 55 miles

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Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #3: Drive without brakes (DWB)

Hypermiling and fuel saving tips have been bouncing around the media of late and this technique is one that’s not considered by most. Driving without brakes isn’t quite what you would think. Every time you brake you effectively turn fuel

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Even Top Gear gives out Hypermiling tips as fuel prices bite

When Top Gear starts giving out Hypermiling Tips you really get the sense that something is very wrong with fuel prices in the UK. Mr Clarkon’s advise on driving with out brakes is actually one of the effective and simple

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