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Your Mercedes Ex-Demo Experience Can Be Like a New One

Whilst some people believe buying a pre-owned or used is “buying someone else’s problems” that is far from the case when buying an ex-demo Mercedes. Let me explain. What Is an Ex-Demo Vehicle? An ex-demo vehicle is one that has

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The New Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster – Design Matters!

A number of recent studies reveal that not always car buyers base their purchase decisions on entirely and exclusively rational assessments. Fuel consumption, safety, price, etc., are indeed important aspects, and most would agree, rational ones. However, in some cases,

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Four-door coupes: the cake-and-eat-it niche

Splicing a saloon with a coupe may have seemed fanciful a decade ago, but four-door coupes are now a firmly established breed. Mercedes-Benz pioneered the four-door coupe concept with the 2004 launch of the CLS. The car was widely derided

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