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White House teams up with NASCAR to promote fuel efficient tyres

You wouldn’t instantly put Nascar and fuel efficiency together but in this bizarre partnership, the White House and America’s favorite motorsport have teamed up to promote fuel efficient tyres. According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  its

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NASCAR working to make racers “greener” with help from the EPA

Lets face it, Nascar is never going to be a green form of Motorsport. Having a fleet of silent EV’s parade round a track at breakneck underwhelming speed just isn’t going to popular with the 75 million whooping American Nascar fans. With that aside, Nascar has announced

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Hypermiling wins Nascar race

The USA’s Nascar star Dale Earnhardt Jr drove (or coasted) to victory at Michigan International Speedway using hypermiling techniques. Junior drove his last 110 miles (55 times around the two-mile track) without refueling. His pit crew estimated that he’d need

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