With Winter settling in for the Christmas period, we all need to make sure we are prepared for the weather and road conditions that lie ahead over the winter months. The UK has already seen its fair share of extreme conditions this year with floods causing chaos in many parts of the country, proof that we are not immune from Mother Nature’s wrath.

In order to help you be prepared for the worst, here are our top tips for keeping safe and  protecting your car when the weather turns against us.

Be prepared
Many motorists in the UK are blissfully unaware of the dangers that present themselves when the weather turns for the worst, meaning many drivers are caught out. It’s essential that you always carry the basics on board at all time. There’s no point in packing for an expedition every time you pop to the shops but just make sure you have the essentials tucked away in your boot “just in case”. These should include: a warm jacket, good walking shoes, a torch, an ice scraper, a small snow shovel, a road map of the UK, a phone charger and your car jack / tool set. You might not ever need them but If you do get stranded then these could save you from a whole world of hurt and upset.

Check your insurance
A recent report by the car comparison site Compare the Market has shown that many motorists risk not being insured for events such as flooding. After the recent floods that swept through the country, it would be well worth calling your insurer to check your policy if you live or regularly travel through an area that might be effected. Even if you are covered, it would also be worth considering parking your car on higher ground if you know the worst is coming.

Keep a full tank
Keeping a full tank during periods of bad weather is an absolute must. Conditions might hamper fuel deliveries causing shortages and panic buying across your region. Keeping a fuel tank we keep you safe in the knowledge that you’ll not be required to queue for hours for fuel and if the worst happens you’ll have enough fuel to ensure you keep warm and safe inside your car.

If you have another other motoring tips to help drivers survive the winter then please get in touch or leave a comment below