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October sees the return of the 2013 MPG Marathon

Wednesday 9th October will see the return of the ADL Automotive / Shell Fuel save MPG Marathon. Hosted at the impressive Tankersley Manor in Shefield, the event will take place over two days. The event is billed as a live “demonstration” of

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Shell Eco-marathon America 2013 winners achieve 3,587 MPG

This years all American Shell Eco marathon has come to and end with the winners achieving a mighty impressive 3,587 from the allotted gallon of fuel. Taking the crown was the team from Quebec’s Université Laval in the gasoline prototype category. The result

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The UK’s MPG Marathon coming Oct 3rd

It’s all well and good giving fuel saving tips, on paper they look great but its another thing putting them into practice on the open road. The MPG Marathon puts these tips and techniques into practice and is billed as

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