It’s all well and good giving fuel saving tips, on paper they look great but its another thing putting them into practice on the open road. The MPG Marathon puts these tips and techniques into practice and is billed as a ” live demonstration of how both car and driver can make a massive difference to fuel costs and emissions”.

The MPG Marathon is in it’s twelfth year and will pit teams of contestants together over a two-day event to push for the best fuel economy in each class. This year, Transport Minister Norman Baker MP will be the guest of honour and will be presenting prizes to the winners at a special event at the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall on October 10.

There are 10 classes in this years event and they range from fuel sipping passenger cars all the way up to vans over 3.5 tonnes. 

Last year’s winner was Mick Linford and co-driver Ella Flynn who managed an epic 99.24 mpg (2.85 liters/100 km) over a total distance of 370.9 miles (597 km) in his Smart fortwo Cdi. As yet we are unsure if they will be competing in this years event but it would be great to see someone achieve a result over the 100MPG mark.

For more information regarding the event head over to the MPG Marathon website, we’ll update you as events unfold throughout the two day competition.