Biking and walking are great ways of saving fuel and keeping fit. The chaos of London traffic means that accidents do happen, often with tragic and life threatening consequences.

Take this example of an accident where a London solicitor received a fractured skull after a collision with a cyclist.

Clive Hyer was hit by cyclist Andrej Schipka at a hefty 26 mph while on a pedestrian crossing. The cyclists managed to walk away from accident unscathed while Mr Hyer suffered  skull injuries and  a brain haemorrhage.

Prosecutor Varinder Hayre told City of London magistrates: “Mr Hyer was crossing and walking from the north to the south side. A number of other pedestrians were also crossing. When he was in the centre of the carriageway he was struck and seriously injured, sustaining life-changing injuries, by the cyclist Mr Schipka, who was travelling eastbound at 26 miles per hour through red traffic lights”.


In the court case Schipka, of South Hampstead, Northwest London, denied careless cycling.

Like with any form of transport, cycling has inherent dangers. These are often the result of collisions with motorists and in many cases are fatal. Calls for more care by cyclists in our capital have echoed in this unfortunate accident. We just hope that Mr Hyer had a good team of Head injury lawyers to make sure he gets the compensation and justice he deserves.