If a disability or illness is making it difficult for you to get from place to place, then you might seek the aid of a charity-run scheme called Motability. The purpose of this charity is to provide vehicles to those who need them. It does this by leasing a specialised vehicle in exchange for the participant’s higher-rate mobility allowance. It’s all-inclusive, cost-efficient, and easy. The scheme also covers a wide range of vehicles to suit a number of disabilities.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

A wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) enables a disabled passenger to travel in their wheelchair, this option is best suited to those whose disability requires them to stay within a wheelchair. A wheelchair accessible vehicle is a larger car that has been converted by a specialist firm, a process that sees the floor lowered and the installation of a ramp or electric lift, allowing the wheelchair user to enter through the rear or side of the car. WAV’s are provided on a 5 year lease too as apposed to the 3 year lease given to a car.

Scooters and Powered Vehicles

If an adapted car isn’t something that you currently require and what you need is something smaller for getting about your daily routine, then a specialised powered vehicle might fit the bill nicely. Motability cite the cost of these kinds of vehicles as a major reason to opt for them; many vehicles of this sort come in at less than the mobility allowance, so you’d have a little extra money left in your pocket.

Adapted Cars

Smaller adaptations can make a big difference to the driving experience. The scheme provides a vast range of different options to consider. For example, if you have limited mobility or control in your legs, then you might look into pedal guards, steering-aids and electronic accelerators.

What else do I get?

Since the scheme is designed to be all-inclusive, you’ll find things like vehicle tax, insurance and servicing is all included as part of the bundle. It’s also worth taking into account that even if you don’t drive, you can still get a Motability vehicle and choose someone else to drive it. You can choose up to 2 people to drive on your behalf.

Who is eligible?

Three kinds of benefit will entitle you to a vehicle through the Motability scheme. These are:

  • Higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
  • Armed Forces Independence Paayment (AFIP) or War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement

There are a few conditions to think about. You’ll need at least twelve months left to run on your benefit if you are to successfully apply for a vehicle. You’ll be ineligible for the scheme if you’re receiving DLA, and the DWP (that’s the Department for Work and Pensions) has sent you a letter telling you to apply for PIP.