Breaking News: Stanlow Fuel Refinery Blockade set to last 8 days

Fuel ShortageA  source on twitter informed us this afternoon that the Stanlow Fuel Refinery Blockade is set to last 8 long days, this has been now been officially confirmed by the organisers of Sundays protest.

Stanlow Refinery produces close to 7 million tonnes of petrol and diesel a year and employs over 960 people. The plant is responsible for 15% of the UK’s fuel production.

A blockade of this type for 8 days will sevearly effect fuel supply and distribution, causing shortages across the UK.

We have tried to make contact with the refinery directly but at present they are yet to make a statement regarding the planned blockade.

I  for one will be making sure both our cars are filled this evening… if I can afford it!

We’ll keep you updated throughout the weekend.


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28 comments on “Breaking News: Stanlow Fuel Refinery Blockade set to last 8 days
  1. Anne Miller says:

    Get a life guys, the only people you affect with your pathetic protest are the Great British Public. We have to worry about how we get to work,visit and care for sick relatives and just generally get on with our lives. We don’t need the added pressure of not knowing when or where we can fill up our cars.

    • ste bish says:


      • Anne Miller says:

        I do not want to stop anybody protesting. It just needs to be done in a more effective manner as a blockade has failed in the past. Mikey Moran is talking sense. As for truckers, not sure how it works for them tax wise but I think there should be a reduced rate across the board for all in the haulage business.Do farmers still get cheaper red diesel?

  2. Mark says:

    I agree with Anne Miller, clearly Karl seems a little, shall we say uneducated, if he doesn’t know the difference between kerb and curb as in his posting of 25 January (“This comes admit speculation that they will use law dating back to 1839 in order to kerb the protests).
    But then again bullies and rabble rousers don’t need education. If he can afford to be out of work for 8 days I wonder what he does for a living. Either he is on benefits or that well off he doesn’t need to work in which case the cost of fuel shouldn’t matter to him.

  3. roger says:

    are you realy that stupid he is not doing this for himself he is doing it for the country,
    if you had a pair of balls you would be there yourself rather than sat on your arse letting everybody else do the hard work then reap the benefits yourself afterwards …….

  4. Anne Miller says:

    No I’m not “really that stupid” as you clearly are. The blockade didn’t work in the past and it won’t work this time. I would love to go on Sunday and protest against the fuel protesters,however as I am not on benefits of any kind(nice one Mark!)I have to go to work.

    • bingley supporter says:

      Please tell us the best way to get the message across to the govenment? I have a child with numerous visits to the hospital which is ongoing and require a car to get from home/school and hospital and costs a fortune and my wage does cover all the extra expensesive car trips. There is no need for the price of fuel to be so high!!!

  5. stewart says:

    i feel i should be there and will be there i work and im on low income i live alone and its not easy on 900 a month when i have a mortgage motorcycle rates etc to contend with

  6. Stanlow Protestor says:

    Haters gonna hate!

    You do realise that this site is only reporting on the protest and didn’t organise it?!

    How “uneducated” of you.

  7. Anne Miller says:

    Duh yes!!You do realise I am posting my comments about the organisers not the author of the article. If you need to make a nuisance of yourselves to feel good then who am I to stop you,or laugh at you,or just generally think you are sad,strange little people. That’s the joy of living in a Democracy. Now that I have vented my spleen I wish you all a happy Sunday, however you wish to spend it!!

  8. Michael in Stoke on Trent says:

    I seem to remember that the Government made it a criminal offence to blockade the refinaries & fuel depots after the country was brought to a standstill the last time…..

  9. Mav says:

    Well the only thing this will do is cause me an absolute nightmare being able to get anywhere from my home in the village next to stanlow. Bloody ridiculous. Blockades are illegal and just cause everyone in the surrounding area a nightmare if trying to get anywhere. Suggest that the protesters go lobby OPEC and the other oil producers, not protest at the refining sites.

    As for a source on twitter, oh come on.

  10. Long distance hauler says:

    My father has been a truck driver for the last 40 years and it breaks my heart to see him worrying, when the ever increasing fuel costs in this country is going to stop? Without people like my father, that Sunday roast you are going to eat would simply not be there, the medication and hospital equipment for Anne’s sick relatives would not be there.

    Spare a thought for the long distance haulers that keep this country going. I support this protest and me and my family will be there in Stanlow this morning.

  11. Paul says:

    I agree the government can’t get away with the price of petrol we all have familys and jobs and we all work hard but our government just Care about the expenses it’s there fault why where in the mess we need to say no more!!! I worry about getting my kids to school and me getting to and from Work and make sure I have budget enough money for the increases because if I haven’t am screwed

  12. Skippy says:

    If fuel prices rise and rise we all moan at the Blockade so what happens if truckers stop delivering to supermarkets or importing or exporting goods as they cant afford it the government would listen then.

    I support all the truckers and blockades out there.

  13. Grimpinmire says:

    What a pity that we cant arrange for the wingers to subsidise the rest of us who have our backs to the wall over fuel prices, then people like Anne can carry on paying ever increasing fuel prices to her hearts content. Anne do you not realise the painful truth that without hard and awkward decisions the government will just carry on piling on the price increases. I run a small family business, and would find it hard to attend these protests, but if people don’t make the effort to get to them its no good moaning, it won’t get you anywhere, that time has gone. O and Anne, if this protest has the effect of bringing fuel prices down, bet you won’t still want to pay the present cost!!!Don’t forget, nobody wants go to war, but sometimes you have to do things you don’t like, to win a victory. So good on you guys, ignore the whiners, and lets get this right across the country.

  14. Mikey Moran says:

    It is not right to lay this problem solely at the foot of the refineries, the problem is the high level of tax the government take from the sale of fuel. In the rest of Europe it is not that they get a better deal when buying the raw products in it is that their government don’t add huge tax levies. What we need is for the oil producers to cut cost even by a small amount and then for our own government to reduce the level of tax. Boycoting/blockading these refineries will only harm the local individuals who rely on their local supply. If someone can’t get to work because they run out of fuel do you think their employer is going to take I had no fuel as a suitable excuse no they will probably be placed on a disciplinary and sacked. What we need to do is hurt the decision makers in backyards, protest on Downing Street/Whitehall. Politicians will be sat in Westminster saying stupid fools what do they expect to change and just like the last blockade absolutely nothing!! Fight where they will take notice.

  15. Liverpool driver says:

    I just saw a petrol queue in Liverpool and we were the first place to run out last time.

  16. Rise up. says:

    Good luck to all protestors we have to stand up and be counted.

  17. bingley supporter says:

    Good luck to those protesting!!!!!!!!

  18. ste bish says:


  19. Fight the power says:

    I’m glad to see there’s a mature debate going on here (not), although to be honest, I really don’t understand those people complaining about the blockades/protests. I’m guessing the vast majority of us around the country still rely on our own transport, be it a car, van, motorcycle, whatever to get to work; so it’s exactly that majority that need to either be out there protesting, or not able to get to their place of work – without a big hit to profits/taxes, neither oil producers nor Government will sit up and take notice. This problem isn’t entirely the Government’s fault by the way; I’m no tory and fuel is certainly over-taxed and that tax does need to be reduced further, but the other big problem is the way oil is speculated upon on the stock exchange. The price per barrel doesn’t often reflect any actual changes in production/use, but how the traders are betting production/use will go up or down. There is a third problem, which is the fault of the oil producing companies, and that’s the way the oil is sold inside their own companies. Basically, the oil is drilled and then sold at a huge mark-up to the refining arm of the same company, and then the refining arm sells it on to the retail arm of the same company, again with the price marked-up, so that by the time it actually reaches the pumps, the fuel retailers can claim they only make about 5p a litre at the pumps. What they forget to tell you is that the fuel has already been sold on twice, essentially within the same company, but the massive profits are made by the drilling arm, usually in a place where corporation tax is miniscule.

  20. Robert says:

    I run an on the road business and think that any form of a blockade is a b… nuisance.

  21. Neil says:

    what is this blockade going to prove….
    all it is gonna do is annoy people who need Diesel & Petrol to get to work, to earn money to make sure that their families have a roof over their heads…. I travel 400-500 miles PER WEEK…. i need diesel and by blockading Shell Stanlow you will stop me being able to work, which in current climates puts my job at risk..


  22. Chris says:

    Fight the power, of course oil is sold at a huge mark up from it’s production costs. No more than $10 a barrel in Saudi Arabia to over $100 on the export market. This is not a sign of unhealthy profiteering though. It is how the price mechanism works in a market place to allocate a scarce resource. The only other way is to allocate by something like a ration – the oil may be cheap, but you wouldn’t have all you need. We (and most of the world) have decided allocation by price is the least worst way.

    Also note that while a lot of the worlds oil is produced for less than $50 a barrel – it’s the marginal barrel that counts. Those most recent barrels, from Canadian tar sands, from ultra deep water are the ones preventing oil production from declining and they are expensive.

    The fundamentals are that oil is only getting more expensive (excluding short term falls in demand associated with economic slow down as we saw is 08-09). The high tax regime is Europe is a good thing as it protects us from the price shocks, and over the decades has worked to create infrastructure in Europe that is approximately twice as efficient as that in the US, Canada, Australia etc.

    I do not what to see lower taxes on fuel. That would only result in further spending cuts or tax rises elsewhere. In fact I’d like to see the tax disc abolished, and an extra penny or two (whatever would be revenue neutral on average) added to fuel duty but that’s a different debate.

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