"We'll Shut Stanlow Down"

More than 1,000 vehicles could be involved in the next round of protests at Stanlow Fuel refinery as support for the event swells to levels not seen before.

In addition to the protest at Stanlow, a huge ‘go-slow’ protest is planned to try and bring motorway traffic to a halt across Greater Manchester.

This event has seen further support from other motoring, haulage and agricultural groups, all of which are suffering as fuel protests continue to rise.

Spokesman Ian Charlesworth said the action would ‘clog up’ major motorways and A-roads from Wales through Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Three convoys are expected to travel at a maximum of 20mph, causing chaos in their wake.

Previous event have seen less than expected turnouts, however with the additional support numbers are likely to swell to over 1,000 vehicles.

Please show your support for this protest in any way you can. See their Stanlow Protest facebook page for more information.