Stanlow Fuel protest and “go slow” planned for May 8th

"We'll Shut Stanlow Down"

More than 1,000 vehicles could be involved in the next round of protests at Stanlow Fuel refinery as support for the event swells to levels not seen before.

In addition to the protest at Stanlow, a huge ‘go-slow’ protest is planned to try and bring motorway traffic to a halt across Greater Manchester.

This event has seen further support from other motoring, haulage and agricultural groups, all of which are suffering as fuel protests continue to rise.

Spokesman Ian Charlesworth said the action would ‘clog up’ major motorways and A-roads from Wales through Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Three convoys are expected to travel at a maximum of 20mph, causing chaos in their wake.

Previous event have seen less than expected turnouts, however with the additional support numbers are likely to swell to over 1,000 vehicles.

Please show your support for this protest in any way you can. See their Stanlow Protest facebook page for more information.


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16 comments on “Stanlow Fuel protest and “go slow” planned for May 8th
  1. John MacKay says:

    Surely all this does is get on the tits of ordinary motorists, so instead of getting ordinary people and business onside you alienate them and cause them problems by clogging up roads.

    • pinin says:

      If everyone made up excuses not to make a stand then within a few years
      no one will afford to drive, except the privilaged.
      Time to be a bit less spineless like our French cousins and make a stand.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is time for Britons to stop moaning, and take direct action instead!

    In the UK, the majority of the cost in a litre of petrol is still TAX!

    Blockades at Fuel refinery’s are now the only course of action that would work. Such action would force Cameron and Osborne into another u-turn. Recent polls have indicated that the majority of Britons would support such action!

    Action speaks louder than words!

  3. andy says:

    We need to remember 2 things on this subject. The first is that if the tax on fuel is reduced the government will put it on another universally-consumed product in order to maintain the tax take. The second is that the retailers and oil producers are comfortably pocketing handsome profits while the drivers focus their attention on the government. I was informed recently that the margin made by Asda on a litre of fuel is 20p. Bearing in mind deisel used to be cheaper than petrol by 2-3p/litre (and still is every where else in Europe) its current price reflects more a cynical exploitation of drivers of deisel vehicles who bought them for the fuel economy benefits, including thousands of company fleet cars than a disproportionate increase percentage take by our beloved chancellor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You need to get real you pay £1 or there abouts for a litre of milk that comes from a farm just down the road and you moan about fuel when it costs millions to get it out of the ground bring it over in tankers then turn the oil into something you can put in your cars we have become to dependent on cars and fuel now we are paying the price the only way to solve this problem is to either increase wages in line with the growing cost of living or bring down vat to 15% on fuel

  5. Ian Charlesworth says:

    What a load of croc blocking the roads is not going to make a ounce of difference but I,m still going!!

  6. sarrie man says:

    Don’t you lot know the cost per barrel is falling and pump prices will follow soon – all you are doing by holding this protest is pissing people off.

  7. Ian Charlesworth says:

    These protesters going to Stanlow are a pain in the backside using there money to make a point to much money ZERO BRAINS!!

  8. Ian Charlesworth says:

    I,ve just realised I have an idiot with the same name as me heading this fiasco tmrw!! Gona have to change my name ha ha,hope it pees down on ya!!

  9. Ian Charlesworth says:

    Sunday is a family day,these idiots have no respect for the public who want to go out and about with their families,they on,t solve anything,please don,t give them your precious time!

  10. Stanlow Protestor says:

    For someone urging people to not give any of your “precious time” you seem to be spending an awful lot of it commenting about it.

  11. lola says:

    i agree with ian, because of this i am not able to see my sick relative in the hospital if you want to make a stand do it where it will effect the goverment and their lives not us who have enough challenges .

  12. anonymous says:

    1000 vehicles ha!!!! you just about got 150 – just shows what a waste of time this is. Some of us rely on the oil trade to pay our wages…..

  13. paul chadwick says:

    i only drive a car, but you have my support.

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