Stanlow Fuel Protest: Round#2

Show your support for the Stanlow Fuel protests

The first round of protests at Stanlow Oil refinery near Chester was a great success. Hundreds of people gathered for the peaceful protest, doing a fantastic job of highlighting the public anger over soaring fuel prices in the UK.

Stanlow has been a popular protest venue and has hosted a number of blockades and go-slows at the Ellesmere Port-based site over the years.

Round #2 of the protest is planned or Feb 25th 7PM till midnight. The organisers are urging as many people to attend as possible. As before word is spreading quickly via their hugely popular Facebook page


We urge you all to support the fight against fuel prices in any way you can. Please spread the word using the sharethis buttons below.

Show your support, together we can make a difference.


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One comment on “Stanlow Fuel Protest: Round#2
  1. edward johnson says:

    i am a pensioner on state pension which has not increased for over 12 months and find the recent increases in fuel costs mean i will be unable to use my car much now. this is a tax on mobility and is targetting the poor in society the rate of tax is now over 175% and rising and is totally unacceptable i am currently in thailand where deisal is 60p a litre and gas is 30p for lpg and 17p for natural gas and gas fuel stations are everywhere compared with the uk where gas is virtually non existant we are being misled and the fuel tax is an excuse to tax motorists because the motoring associations are useless big dogs with no teeth and the fuel companies colaborate with the government,its time to take action by not just boycotting fuel depos but just refusing to buy fuel altogether it shouldnt take long before the government reallises its gone to far and gets prices back to at least a £1 a litre

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