Even Dawson sheds a tear over fuel prices. His SUV only does 13 MPG and is costing him a fortune.


Whilst looking on google maps (Street View) for good dogging dog walking locations, I was shocked to stumble across a sad reminder of how low fuel prices were not so long ago.

As you can see from the image above, the North’s Favorite Supermarket “Morrisons” was not that long ago charging only 99.9p (yes that’s pence) for a litre of the derv. Having filled up at the same station over the weekend, I paid 131.9, meaning my tank of 55 litres cost me over £18 more this time… wtf!

Sadly, I fear that google maps may also soon move on, but before the sub £1.00 a litre becomes stuff of fairy tale, I would urge you to send in the lowest price you can find on google maps.

The lowest  entry will win a free copy of the soon to be released Hypermiler.co.uk MPG Calculator app for iDevice. If you are yet to own Apple’s life consuming personal device then I’ll dig you out a website sticker for your auto.

Submit yours via the contact form or email [email protected], just send the link from google maps.