Stanlow Fuel protest today! Show your support!

Show your support for the Stanlow Fuel protest

In case you have been on another planet, the Stanlow Fuel protest in Chester  is due to take place today. The protest has been quite slow to gather attention from the UK press but the organisers have now confirmed that SkyNews & BBC News will be in attendance as well as the local rag Chester Chronicle, who will be updating their website live from the event.

Here’s a run down:

  • Meet at the Chester Services, 7PM sharp with the go slow beginning at 7.30.
  • The route will not be confirmed until the last minute
  • Whispers of a foot protest are also rife, so take a warm jacket
  • The protest is planned to finish about 11:30PM

Please show your support for this protest, for too long we have put up with the unfair fuel tax that is crippling motorists. Spread the word using the sharethis buttons below.

We’ll try and provide updates via our Hypermiler Twitter Account through out the night, so stay tuned.

For more details please see the Stanlow Protest Facebook Page

If you have any news on this or any other protest then please contact us. Likewise if you have any pictures from tonight’s protest.

Good luck!


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2 comments on “Stanlow Fuel protest today! Show your support!
  1. mike says:

    about time! you should join up with the students,jobless,old age people,the ill,pretty much everyone in the country accept of course the rich and M,P’s who this self serving government has lied to and ripped off. have a big protest against destroying this country that our granddads help protect in the wars

    • A McGonigle says:

      It is getting more and more difficult as a pensioner to make ends meet, putting petrol prices up again and again is hitting us hard.

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