Behold the Urbee 2! This rather strange looking vehicle has been created using more than 50% 3D printed parts and is set to make an epic road trip across the USA using just 10 US gallons of “gas”.

Piloted by Cody and Tyler Kor, the pair hope to cross the US in around 40+ hours with a little help from their dog Cupid.

Kor, president of Kor Ecologic said, “The Google time estimate is 44 hours, but it will take a bit longer. You know, the dog has to pee and whatnot. And we could have a breakdown. But it will be a swift and efficient trip.”

The Urbee is powered by a single-cylinder, 7-horsepower engine linked to a bank of batteries and electric motors. This gives the car cruising speeds of up to 70MPH ans should manage upwards of 300 MPG.

The journey isn’t planned until 2015 but will largely follow in reverse the route of America’s first cross-country road trip in a car.

While its not to everyone’s tastes, it could be a the basis of plans for a mass “home” produced car as prices of 3D printing devices continue to fall.