The diesel engined Fortwo Coupe has a range of 620 miles on a full tank

Smart have announced they will be launching a limited edition version of its ForTwo plastic panelled city car that emits only 86 grams per kilometer of CO2. Smart it is the cleanest combustion-engined vehicle available anywhere in the world. The little two seater will return 85.6MPG, making it one of the most efficient production cars available in the country.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world it will only be available in the UK.


Power for the plastic machine is provided by a 54-horsepower, 0.8L, 3-cylinder diesel engine, unsuprisingly it only managed 84MPH  and “accelerates” from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 16-plus seconds. If you can find a long enough road it will top out at 84 mph.

The Lightshine’s exterior features green matte body panels, LED running lights (ala Audi) and color-matched headlamp surrounds. Its also equipped with a touch-sensitive satellite navigation system, a three-spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters and floor mats emblazoned with the Lightshine logo.

Prepare to hand over £11,405 if you can snag one of the rare? 86 units that will be produced.