Climate Rush hits London, takes on the Chelsea tractors

In the past few days, Teams from the Climate Rush Driving Authority (or CRDA) have targeted more than 1,000 high CO2 polluting 4×4’s (otherwise known as Chelsea tractors) in our fair capital.

Over 12 teams fanned out across London – from St John’s Wood, to Islington via Clapham Common – to give cyclists, pedestrians and less selfish drivers something to giggle at. Their weapon of choice has been a simple sticker reading ‘CO2 K1LL5′ – printed beneath: ‘SUVs emit 3x the CO2 of less selfish vehicles’.

Their aim has been to promote the use of clean vehicles and to highlight the effect that these gas guzzling auto mobiles are having on our environment.

In a statement on their website they said:

In 2007 domestic transport was the source of approximately 24% of the UK’s domestic CO2 emissions. Our cars contributed 58%, or 77.1 million tonnes, of this overall figure. If people need to drive, the CRDA suggest that a 5.0 litre, 4×4 tractor is a little over the top for our urban streets. Switching to a less fuel hungry vehicle will slash fuel bills and carbon emissions.

Visit the Climate Rush website for more information on their campaign.


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