According to a rather questionable headline by Automotive News, the Hypermiler’s favorite Hybrid fuel sipper is the third best selling car in the world right now. Beating the Prius from the top spot is the Toyota Corolla and the UK favorite Focus Focus, selling 300,800 277,000 units respectively world wide. 

Wow! I hear you saying, Hybrids are the future! We agree that the sales figures are impressive with 247,230 units sold during the first quarter of 2012, but the plot thickens!

What AN don’t highlight is that the Prius brand now covers an array of models including the C, V and plugin. Combining sales figures for a headline is a cheap shot by the Toyota PR machine, some pass them the MPG calculator

Rather than poo-poo the Prius as a whole, we applaud Toyota’s determination and technilogical advancements that have helped make Hybrids common place on our driveways. All Toyota need to do now is make them a damn sight more affordable.