Gordon Murray Design’s imaginatively named “T.27” electric city car has proven its eco credentials once again after an overall win at weekend’s RAC Future Car Challenge.

The 2 seater EV travelled “Hypermiled” 2 up for the full 57.13 miles from Brighton to London using less than 64 pence worth of energy, this is the equivalent of 350mpg or MPGe with CO2 emissions of 37g/km.

Competing against 65 entries from 11 car manufacturers, Gordon’s T.27 scooped the following  awards in the “Most Energy Efficient Small Car (Prototype)”, “Best Overall Pure Electric Vehicle” and “Best Overall Entry – RAC Future Car Challenge Winner” categories.

“The T.27 is a great example of creative thinking, sustainable vehicle design, clever engineering and innovative manufacturing coming together to deliver an extremely efficient electric vehicle”, Gordon Said.

For more information about the T.27 and more, check out the Gordon Murray Designs website


The event itself dates back to 1896, when 33 pioneering motorists set off in a variety of 19th century horseless carriages – at the time, the cutting edge of transport technology. They also celebrated the new road act of that year which increased the speed limit from 4mph to 14mph and abandoned the need for a man on foot to precede each car while waving a red flag.