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Chevrolet Volt review – pricey but delivers the goods

The Chevrolet Volt Plug in Hybrid is not the cheapest car to buy, but you don’t have to do many miles a year to begin to appreciate the savings you can make. Hybrid cars are relatively new on the road,

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Plug-in Cars Chellenging the Economic Crisis

Could the answer to the economic crisis be a car that is more expensive, rather than less? Some aspects of the market suggest this may very well be the case – but only if the car in question is electric.

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Nissan Leaf snags 99 mpg rating on official EPA sticker

As far as we know, the first production Chevrolet Volt models are still awaiting their official EPA stickers. Nissan, though, has received the details on what the government agency has rated its all-electric Leaf at, and it looks good: a

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