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Volkswagen offering US owners $1,000 gift cards as “good will”, making users waive rights to file law suits

  In the never ending saga that is the VW #dieselgate scandal, US owners will be offered $1,000 gift cards in an attempt to “make things right”. The good will package being offered to owners of the 2.0L diesel cars effected

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Audi turns water and carbon dioxide into the “e-diesel” fuel of the future

Turning water and c02 into fuel for cars might seem like something more akin to historical feats of religious spectacle but the boffins at Audi may have just done just that. Audi have recently produced their first batch of what

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London congestion zone charge CO2 threshold drops to 75g/km

For many motorists in our fair capital, July heralds the end of an era for congestion charge free travel. As of July this year, Transport for London has confirmed that many vehicles which have been exempt from the charge will

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Time to consider a green car insurance provider?

Many Hypermilers do it for the money, but increasing we have seen motorists  make that extra special effort to do their bit for the environment. The benefits of Hypermiling of course save you fuel and money, but its also helps

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