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Dieselgate: Department for Transport confirms VW “fix” causes twice the level of carcinogenic diesel particulate matter

In yet another twist to the dieselgate scandal, the UK’s DfT (Department for Transport) has confirmed in writing that the “fix” offered to VAG owners “causes about twice” the level of carcinogenic diesel particulate matter to be produced. This confirmation

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Independent Investigation reveals over 1000 UK firms offering DPF removal services

An investigation by the Independent has revealed that over 1000 UK garages, back street mechanics and tuning firms are offering DPF removal services. Official figures show that Air pollution caused by diesel cars (diesel particulates) have been linked to 29,000

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UK Fuel sales slump by over 10% this quarter, new car sales close behind

According to official figures by The Department of Energy and Climate Change fuel sales in the UK have slumped this spring despite a slight dip in pump prices. The figures reveal that almost 500 million fewer litres of fuel were sold between

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London Routemaster Hybrid enters service giving twice the MPG and half the emissions

The new Routemaster Hybrid which offers twice the MPG as it’s diesel sibling, hit the dark and gritty streets of London for first time yesterday. The bus is currently serving route 38 for  the lucky people traveling between Victoria and Hackney. The Hypermiling

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