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DPF Cleaning specialists reveal top 10 vehicles with DPF issues

DPF cleaning specialists DPF Clean Team have revealed their top 10 vehicles in 2015 needing their DPF cleaning expertise. Their in house data reveals that the mighty Mercedes Sprinter van tops the list of commercial vehicles while the Mazda 6

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Your Mercedes Ex-Demo Experience Can Be Like a New One

Whilst some people believe buying a pre-owned or used is “buying someone else’s problems” that is far from the case when buying an ex-demo Mercedes. Let me explain. What Is an Ex-Demo Vehicle? An ex-demo vehicle is one that has

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Mercedes Viano – Part Of the Growing MPV Market

The MPV market has been on the rise in the last couple of years with car manufacturers all trying to get their share of this growing business. The current economic crisis has had a massive impact on the car industry

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The Mercedes Aero trailer saves fuel… looks epic

Fuel prices hurt everyone. Fact. But for those businesses that depend on fuel to run their fleets, any increases can have a massive effect on the viability of the organisation, putting jobs and lively hoods at risk. Mercedes have stepped in to show

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