DPF cleaning specialists DPF Clean Team have revealed their top 10 vehicles in 2015 needing their DPF cleaning expertise. Their in house data reveals that the mighty Mercedes Sprinter van tops the list of commercial vehicles while the Mazda 6 tops the cars.

Top 10 vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filter issues:

  1. Mercedes Sprinter
  2. Mazda6
  3. BMW 120/320/520
  4. Volkswagen Crafter
  5. Isuzu N Series
  6. BMW 330/530
  7. DAF
  8. Ford Transit
  9. Volkswagen Transporter
  10. Renault Traffic

The Mercedes Sprinter is a very popular van of choice for couriers in the UK which is why we are not particularly struck by their findings. The start stop nature of courier use coupled with short journeys are a sure fire way to hamper with the vans ability to regenerate the DPF effectively.

Considering the number of disgruntled Nissan owners we hear from, we’re very surprised that none of Nissan’s vehicles has made the cut. More on my issues with my Qashqai DPF problems here.

Cameron Bryce, director at DPF Clean Team said,  “Our advice to fleet managers and drivers is to seek help immediately whenever the DPF warning light is illuminated on the dashboard because the more you leave a problem, the worse it can get. Make sure that you take your vehicles on regular long journeys to allow the DPF to regenerate and have it checked and cleaned regularly in order to keep it operating to full capacity. DPF cleans are a lot more cost effective and quicker than sourcing a replacement and, of course, removing the filter will now cause a vehicle to fail an MOT, as well as this being illegal.”

The above is wise advice from the guys at DPF Clean Team. Recent changes in the MOT rules mean that from February 2014 MOT testers are required to check for a the presence of a DPF filter. You can read more on MOT DPF rules here and also on the GOV website.

If you’ve had issues with your DPF Diesel particulate filter then please feel free to get in touch by using the comments form below.

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