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EVs to get a big boost with £43m plug-in vehicle funding

Electric car (EV) ownership is set continue its upward trend as the Government confirmed that UK will receive £43m in cash for plug- and EV vehicle funding. The funding will see a flurry of charge points installed into homes, hospitals, train stations and A-roads. Of

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Tesla prepares UK electric highway for its battery powered rides

Plans are afoot for a UK “electric highway” if the battery powered car maker Tesla gets it’s own way. Like the infrastructure already in place across the pond, Tesla plan to litter the UK with charging points allowing Tesla owners “power” their

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Plug-in Cars Chellenging the Economic Crisis

Could the answer to the economic crisis be a car that is more expensive, rather than less? Some aspects of the market suggest this may very well be the case – but only if the car in question is electric.

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Tesla’s Model S EV “could” top 350 Miles from a charge

Silicon Valley-based company Tesla Motors has announced that their long-awaited Tesla Model S is expected to achieve a “real-world” operating range between 250 and 350 miles. A post on Tesla’s blog by CEO Elon Musk and Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel reported their

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Tesla teases us with the new Model S video

Tesla has been busying it’s media machine to tease the world with some more footage of the Tesla Model S in action. Most would agree that the car is extremely good looking and even has a little resemblance of an

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