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Fuel supplies at risk in Scotland as Grangemouth Oil Refinery crisis deepens

The troubled Grangemouth oil refinery is to be closed for at least a week following complaints by the plant’s owner that the planned strike action has caused financial damage. The 48-hour “strike” by workers was called off by the Unite union

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Scotish BP tanker drivers begin three-day strike

More than 40 tankers drivers from Grangemouth Oil Refinery have started a 3 day strike in a dispute over pensions and pay. The walkout began at 4AM this morning  with drivers returning to work at 8AM Monday morning. According to Unite the drivers

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Fuel tanker strike averted after drivers agree deal

The threat of a damaging fuel tanker strike was averted yesterday after drivers voted by just a 1% margin accept a peace deal. After eight days of talks with the conciliation service Acas, Unite said that just 51% of it’s members had

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