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White House teams up with NASCAR to promote fuel efficient tyres

You wouldn’t instantly put Nascar and fuel efficiency together but in this bizarre partnership, the White House and America’s favorite motorsport have teamed up to promote fuel efficient tyres. According to figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,  its

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Ford’s C-Max Energi Hybrid named as the most fuel efficent Plugin Hyrbid with 108 MPG

Ford’s new C-Max Energi has been named the US’s most efficient plug-in hybrid after confirmation that it will officially return a rather impressive 108MPGe city. It’s combined rating issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also been confirmed at 100MPGe, putting

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US voices misgivings about reversal of fuel prices

The United States Thursday voiced misgivings about Pakistan government’s decision to reverse a recent hike in fuel prices, saying, “they’re important for its long-term economic stability. “Our position is that … Pakistan needs to undertake difficult economic reforms that are

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