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Most Economical Cars of 2014

With very few exceptions, new cars are becoming ever more economical – more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly, which also means lower running costs through cheaper tax. Whether you are looking for a tiny city car or a super

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VW group to commit to plug-in hybrid technology. Seven new hybrids by 2013

Dr Martin Winterkorn, CEO and Chairman of the VW group has revealed that they will fully commit to Hybrid technology and will introduce seven plug-in hybrids over the next three years. Speaking at the VW Group evening just Dr Winterkorn called hybrid

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VW Up! shows off some Epic car sharing

We all know that car sharing is a great way to cut journeys and save money by how far can you take it? Step in VW and its micro four seater the “Up!”. VW managed to cram 16 flexible citizens

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