Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #10: Parking

car parking hypermiling Our Weekly Hypermiling Tip #10: Parking

Most people don’t take parking into consideration when thinking about fuel consumption. Many lazy motorists try to park in the most convenient place possible that will mean the shortest walk possible for their fat little legs. In reality, your choice of space can make a huge difference to your MPG and wallet.

Our ultimate tip for you “Hypermiler”s out there is to always ensure you either reverse in or “face out” when parking. Lengthy maneuvers while the engine is cold and thus using more fuel is a real killer for FE (fuel economy). Combining this with parking away from the busy crowed parking spaces means you can start up and drive off without running the gauntlet of mobility scooters and parents with runaway trollies

In the summer months (or days in the UK) try and park in a shady spot, it can make not using the air conditioning a lot easier! In the winter try and position your car to face into the sun on frosty mornings, this will reduce idling and time spent digging away at your frozen windscreen with a broken credit card.

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