green beetle car grass

For many, choosing the right car insurance is a case of simply choosing the company that comes out cheapest on one of the vast number of car insurance comparison websites that are available. However, with all the hype of being “green” should we be looking at expanding our environmentally friendly credentials to encompass a car insurance provider that gives a little back to the world and helps protect our precious environment?

When it boils down to it, cost is king. It’s a fine balance between having the right providers at the right price. But with the acceleration of global changes tin recent years, the combination of political will and environmental awareness is helping to push the balance into the favor of choosing a company that goes beyond simply providing your annual policy.

It’s easy to shrug off the effects of global warming while tucked up all warm and cozy in your favourite chair watching some poor excuse for yet another celebrity “real life” drama, especially when it feels a million miles away from what seems to only effect those poor people from the TV adverts. This detachment from the real world is why many people take very little interest as global food prices soar and our coastal towns and cities are threatened by rising sea levels. In fact, experts estimate that sea levels will rise between nine and eighty eight centimetres before 2100 [1], possibly putting huge areas of the UK underwater.

Hypermilers do what they do for many reasons, saving money, helping reduce our dependency on foreign fuel but the our regular feedback from the world’s hypermiling elite suggests that they are doing it primarily to help the environment. We’ve seen first hand that hypermiling can reduce fuel usage by up to 40 percent, so just imagine the fuel savings if the whole of the UK started hypermiling too. This would amount to a huge saving for the entire population but even more beneficial to the environment as a whole.

With a range of environmentally responsible car insurance providers operating the UK, why not go further than eco driving alone and choose an insurance provider that invests just as much effort into green projects as they do protecting your car. It might seem like a mere token gesture however some of the leading green insurance companies have planted in excess of 2.5 million trees in the UK, helping to offset their customer’s CO2 emissions and create new habitats for wildlife in the process.

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