Contrary to what Hollywood action movies and other flicks might show you, most car theft cases are targeted towards family cars. Car thieves will usually go for family models like the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and trucks like the Ford F series. Most people assume that the high end, luxurious models such as sedans are what car thieves are after, but it’s the normal cars that entice them.

The US leads most nations in care theft cases which are especially prevalent in states like California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and New York. However, in the recent past, car theft cases have been on the decline. This is good news, though family models still remain the number one target vehicles for car criminals.

Are you curios as to why these ‘low end’ cars are thieves’ delight? It is because these cars can be stripped down into individual parts, which are then sold as valuable spare parts. In some cases the individual parts are worth more than the car as a whole. Spare parts are in high demand because many car owners are keeping their automobiles longer than usual as a result of tough economic times.

Of the stolen cars in the last five years, the Toyota Camry was the number one target, followed by the Chevy Silverado and the Cadillac Escalade. The numbers are not so grim though. As mentioned before, car theft numbers have gone down significantly, with the current theft rates the lowest in the past 25 years. Anti-theft features like GPS and LoJack system have helped reduce these numbers, and manufacturers are keen to integrate them in every car model. A LoJack is a new technology alarm system that also acts as a tracking device, allowing authorities to track your car should it ever get stolen.

If you are an owner of a car that would fall in the ‘family cars’ category, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure your ride doesn’t get stolen. Installing a kill switch is a good idea. A kill works by having your car keys send a special signal to the engine, allowing it to start. Any other key and the car won’t move. Other steps you can take include parking in a garage, as opposed to leaving your car on the street. And don’t forget to lock your doors, no matter the situation. You may leave the car unlocked just because you want to dash to the store for a couple of minutes, but that’s all the time a car thief will need.

It helps to be careful at times. For instance, don’t park in neighborhood that is synonymous with car theft. Lastly, never leave your valuables in the car; they will just attract the wrong kind of people. Undertake some research on safety features that you can install in your car and you won’t have to worry about your car getting stolen.