If you’re going to buy a car but you’re looking for the cheapest deal you could find, you should reconsider your decision to think only with your pocket in this matter. Although your budget might be limiting, there are ways to extend your range for the benefit of safety and comfort. Also, it’s important to keep in mind those added costs that include maintenance, registration, insurance, and all other money holes that we often overlook when faced with what only seems like a great offer.

Therefore, in this article, we’re going to examine some of the choices we thought might be acceptable to a student on a reasonable budget. Students not only like to work on a budget, we like to be careful with our time too. This is why I opt to write my assignment online and save my time to do things I enjoy.

New car VS old car

There’s a lot of appeal in the price range of most used cars that you might like but it’s important to think about potential repairs, damaged components that need replacement, and the safety element.

It’s difficult to imagine a student spending that much time thinking about the potential costs and calculating the costs and the risks, we already know that Edubirdie provides essay writing help in the UK because students don’t have the time to write essays on used cars. Therefore, if you’re opting for a used car, try to call a friend that knows around cars or ask the seller if it’s ok to take the car to a mechanic and check out the overall condition of your potential purchase.

As for buying a new car, there’s only the matter of how deep your pocket is, or how much can you afford to pay at the turn of each month. Nowadays, getting a new car as a student is not that difficult, given you have some kind of job or another stable source of income. Also, there’s always the aspect of warranty that keeps you safe from paying high service fees for a few years.

In case you’re buying a new car, however, it would be a good option to think about going electric, as there are some interesting choices on the market.

Help for busy students

The 2020 Skoda Fabia hatchback is on our list because it’s one of the most realistic options for students that wish to buy a car that would stay with them for some time. It’s compact but offers enough space to pack anything you need and go somewhere for a weekend with your friends.

The latest Fabia comes only with petrol engines, but as a part of the Volkswagen group, there’s no shortage of options in that area. The interior of the car is very smart; however, the standard model is nothing like top range trim Monte Carlo, which fundamentally changes the appearance of the car, making it a vibrant sports hatchback with appropriate seat design, color choices, and functionalities.

It’s a perfect car for a student in a hurry as it goes smoothly, takes almost no time to park in tight places, and it comes with some great safety reviews caused by a series of safety features that this model has to show for itself.

Depending on the trim level, the price of 2020 Skoda Fabia varies, however, for a student on a tight budget might require some compromising and stretching. Nevertheless, it pays off in the end because you get a car that can take you through the town and away on the open road swiftly and comfortably.

In the UK, students often solve assignments by Writix or some other online college help service. This means that you can employ your academic skills to provide student help or freelance as an essay writer to create an additional source of income. This could help you manage gas costs and pay the monthly installment when the time comes. Managing your expenses during college is exceptionally difficult when one owns a car, therefore it’s important to keep a positive balance by getting extra work hours.

The Spanish fever

Another model of interest for young but penniless would-be car owners is the Ibiza by Spanish manufacturer Seat. Running on MPI and TSI petrol engines, Ibiza offers a silent but energetic ride followed by comfort within a practical interior. In terms of outer design features, Ibiza is a very distinctive five-door supermini, and given some nice set of rims on it, the car can look amazing.

It’s very spacious, and there are a lot of different compartments that can be useful for storing phones, books, or drinks. The multimedia offers a wide range of digital functionalities, including Bluetooth connectivity with your phone and others. There’s room to fit five adults without feeling crowded, which is extremely important if you commute often. The boot provides space enough to pack everything you need for college or a long holiday, so if you’re on the road a lot, this car will be your best friend.

In terms of affordability, Seat Ibiza is probably far beyond any of its competitors when it comes to what you get for the money. There’s also the added component that is the unique spirit that this car possesses, and you have nothing more to think about when it comes to making your decision.

The German supermini

Volkswagen Polo has become not just a dependable city car, as it was held in the beginning, but it also became a classy and desirable hatchback that holds a bit higher value than its competitors but has a lot to offer in return. It’s an optimal choice for a student that’s ready to dedicate to a bit larger monthly installment but in turn, remain safe that there won’t be a need for a large service fee in the foreseeable future.

The car interior is everything a young academic could want. There are a lot of compartments to store different items, the multimedia features various connectivity options and functionalities. The latest rendition of this model is a bit more spacious and even sportier so it’s the most appealing item, in terms of design, on our list.


These were all the information, pieces of suggestions, and car options we thought would be of interest to you as a student in the UK who is looking for a car at a reasonable price. We wanted to share with you what we thought would bring you the most benefit in your endeavor. The final decision is always yours, but make sure you have all your facts in place before deciding as important as this one.

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