Headed by motoring “authority” Quentin Willson, the Fair Fuel UK Campaign is making good ground raising the profile of the ridiculous fuel duty crippling the UK. Their e-petition has been signed by over 66,000 but needs to make the magic 100,000 before parliament has to listen.

The petition calls for the scrapping of planned duty increases in January and August 2012 of 4p. The extra duty would push fuel prices to unseen levels, causing misery for motorists and businesses across the UK. It also calls for pressure on oil companies to pass on cheaper oil prices, an offical commission to look at market competitiveness and a fuel price stabilisation mechanism.

A fair fuel stabiliser has already been introduced but the boys at number 10 are keeping mum on its use so far.

Please support the campaign for lower fuel prices and sign the e-petiton on the direct.gov website.

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Responsible department: Her Majesty’s Treasury

High petrol and diesel prices are crippling our economy. Many motorists now pay a tenth of their income just to fill up the family car, and millions of families are suffering. Businesses are under immense pressure, especially the road freight industry. But petrol and diesel are now so astronomically expensive, it is COSTING the Government money. This is because fewer people can afford to drive, leading to lower tax revenues. Therefore, this petition calls on the Government to:

1) Scrap the planned 4p fuel duty increases, which are scheduled for January and August 2012.

2) Create a price stabilisation mechanism that smooths out fluctuations in the pump price.

3) Pressure big oil companies to pass on cheaper oil to motorists.

4) Set up a Commission to look at market competitiveness, and radical ways of cutting fuel taxes in the longer term.