US still bitchin’ about fuel prices, time to wake up!

Stateside, motorists and consumer groups are up in arms getting their “complain on” over rising fuel prices. The average prices of petrol in the US currently stands at $3.55 per gallon compared to over £5 a US gallon here in blighty.

Many in the US don’t seem to grasp how ridiculously cheap their fuel actually is. A gallon of milk in the US averages at over $6 a gallon, making “the milk pump” a costly alternative.

Maybe the US should try our fuel prices for size, how does over £8 a gallon taste? I predict that would have Americas waddling their fat ample asses out of their 14MPG V8 SUVs and into something a little less wasteful.

Time to wake up America, you really don’t get such a bad deal over fuel prices. Leave the complaining over fuel prices to us, OK guys?

For those reaching for their calculators, a US gallon is 3.785 litres.


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2 comments on “US still bitchin’ about fuel prices, time to wake up!
  1. Dixy says:

    I think you have under calculated the fuel price in the UK, many motorway fuel prices are over 6 to 6.5 GBP per gallon as at July 2011, before that it was even higher. Today the average local motorway price in the UK is 1.46 to 1.56 GBP per litre, 4.5 litres to the imperial gallon, even local supermarkets it is almost GBP 6 a gallon for petrol or higher for diesel; wish I could still buy fuel at 5 USD a gallon.

  2. Connor C. says:

    If you had also figured into your equation the length of the average commute then I might take this more seriously. How common is a 40 minute commute twice a day over on your side of the pond?

    Not saying I dont agree with you, but would you not also complain if your fuel costs were rising quickly? I think we both know the answer to that question. 😉 at least make it a little more fair and take commute into account.

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