Stateside, motorists and consumer groups are up in arms getting their “complain on” over rising fuel prices. The average prices of petrol in the US currently stands at $3.55 per gallon compared to over £5 a US gallon here in blighty.

Many in the US don’t seem to grasp how ridiculously cheap their fuel actually is. A gallon of milk in the US averages at over $6 a gallon, making “the milk pump” a costly alternative.

Maybe the US should try our fuel prices for size, how does over £8 a gallon taste? I predict that would have Americas waddling their fat ample asses out of their 14MPG V8 SUVs and into something a little less wasteful.

Time to wake up America, you really don’t get such a bad deal over fuel prices. Leave the complaining over fuel prices to us, OK guys?


For those reaching for their calculators, a US gallon is 3.785 litres.