David Cameron sad Hypermiling fuel prices

A poll by the pressure group FairFuel UK of more than 26,000 motorists has shown a massive 89.3% felt ministers were to blame for soaring fuel prices.

The survey conducted on the FairFuel website has also shown that three-quarters of motorists thought MPs were “out of touch” on the issue of petrol and diesel prices, while 86% said lowering fuel duty was the most important tax issue for the UK economy.

FairFuelUK spokesman Quentin Willson said: “Our MPs and senior politicians just don’t get fuel duty and the results of this extensive poll show that the public know it.

“Their failure to act and their apathy over what is one of this country’s most important social issues tells us how removed they are from real life.

“Families and businesses can’t afford to use the roads yet the majority of our MPs won’t stand up for the people.”

FairFuelUK organiser Peter Carroll said: “The airwaves have been full of politicians saying that they are ‘listening to’ and ‘engaging with’ voters – they need to start by accepting the results of this massive poll starting with the fact that fuel duty is the number one issue.”

Just to help you understand how our fuel price break down, if you pay 132.9p for a litre of fuel – 57.95p is fuel duty, 47.9p is the fuel itself, 22.15p is VAT (that’s VAT on top of the fuel duty!) and the remainder is for the retailer and delivery.

We applaud the FairFuelUK for their continued and relentless campaign against our rediculaous fuel prices. Please show your support and sign up on their website.