Up to 60 BP fuel stations in the US are in protest over its distributers fuel prices

As many as 60 BP Franchisees fuel stations are reportedly shutting off pumps over fuel distributor’s prices.

Raymond Succar, owner of a BP station in Rockland US, told the newspaper The Patriot Ledger that he shut off his pumps on Monday morning and will keep them off through Wednesday. He added that nearly 60 other station owners in Massachusetts are participating in the fuel protest.

He said they are frustrated by the high fuel prices that East Providence, R.I.-based Green Valley Oil LLC is passing on to the independent station operators.

Succar said his price for regular, self-serve gasoline was $3.24 per gallon on Sunday, while the AAA-reported state average on Monday was $3.11 per gallon.


BP spokesperson Scott Dean declined to comment specifically on the matter. He told CSP Daily News, “BP’s jobbers, including Green Valley Oil, are independent distributors and set their own business practices and pricing. BP does not direct, control or set the price its independent distributors charge their customers for fuel or the price its independent distributors post as the retail price at stations.”

Source and thanks CSP Daily News