car sharing

The typical commuter who car-shares every day saves around £800 a year

WITH petrol costs at an all-time high and prices due to rise even further, Gloucestershire County Council is encouraging people to think about car sharing.

Petrol prices across the county were ranging from around 122.9p up to 131.9p per litre and another 3.5 pence was added to the cost last week. Diesel prices are even higher.

GCC runs a care share website which is used by thousands of people across the county.

The free service enables people to find others going their way, so that they can share the trip and save money, either by taking turns driving or giving someone a lift in exchange for a contribution to the fuel costs.

Sarah Avery, GCC transport planner, said: “Petrol prices are over 14 per cent up on this time last year.

“However, the typical commuter who car-shares every day saves around £800 a year, while those who manage to fill all their spare seats can save in excess of £2,000.


Councillor Stan Waddington, cabinet member for environment and transport, added: “Car-sharing can make a huge difference to your wallet, but there are still many drivers who are unaware of how easy it is to find people to share with.

“Carshare Gloucestershire is completely free to use, and it only takes five minutes to sign up and search for suitable matches – you could be sharing by tomorrow.”