The New Ford Focus will "Focus" your mind on how you drive and save fuel

The new 2012 Ford Focus represents the first example of the automaker’s “One Ford” global product strategy. Under this approach, Ford engineers set out to design vehicles that are exactly the same for all markets. Since Ford’s fuel-saving EcoMode technology will be available in the Focus, we expect the green tech to be seen across the globe.

EcoMode is a software application tool that rates driving behavior by measuring various parameters such as gear selection, consistency in throttle application and vehicle speed. The software analyzes this data and relays tips that the driver can utilize in an attempt to improve fuel efficiency.

In internal tests, Ford discovered that eco-driving techniques can boost fuel economy an average of 24 percent. Ford is quick to point out that vehicles lacking EcoMode technology can still be driven in such a way that should improve fuel efficiency. The automaker preaches these eco-driving techniques:

  • Using the highest drivable gear
  • Smooth accelerations and decelerations
  • Maintaining constant speeds and anticipating traffic flow
  • Using cruise control on the highway
  • Avoiding excessive idling
  • Avoiding short trips with a cold engine


However, with a computer-aided system like EcoMode, which displays visual hints such as “smooth driving saves fuel” and “early shifting saves fuel” on the instrument cluster, reducing fuel consumption is as simple as abiding by the on-screen prompts.

Source and thanks Autoblog Green